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Cher’s Sisters Only Club Shero Virtual Awards


Nicholson Revell Woman of the Year

Cher’s Sister Only Shero Awards seeks to honor women in the Augusta River Region who have gone above and beyond to improve the lives of others and who have made a positive impact on their respective communities.

The 2020 Nicholson Revell Woman of the Year was presented to Dr. Radisha Brown

You are here because you want to

Lose Weight

Let me teach you how to rewrite your relationship with food and with yourself. With new knowledge, you can be in control of your body AND your happiness – long term. Yes, new friend, this is it!

Here are the four ways I am qualified to help you.


I lived the unhappy, stressed life of prioritizing everyone above myself.


I lost a significant amount of weight, quickly and I’ve kept it off.


I am an expert in reworking what’s behind your relationship with yourself and food..


Its true! We may not have met yet, but I am who God made me, a person gifted to help others.

Get My Book

Girl, Get Off the Couch is the groundbreaking self-help book you desperately need to drop the weight and All negative thinking.


This is the 8 week coaching plan designed to help you reclaim your mental strength and be your sexy, fit and confident self.

Dr. Radisha weight loss therapist

Come and

Start Your Journey!

  • The Wellness Warrior 8 Week Bootcamp unites you with a community of women working to improve their mental, spiritual, and physical health. You’ll work through a series of customized modules with each one focusing on a different but critical aspect of your wellness.

It’s Not Just Food:

The Illusion We’ve Been Fed About Food

  • Module 1 teaches you that the reasons why your relationship with the food you are eating is important.



  • The second module will help you understand nutrition: which foods are constructive or destructive.

A Change Is Gonna Come:

Your Divine Right To Reclaim Your Power

  • You’ll learn to create the ideal self-image to empower you to win; becoming who you truly can be.


Using Your Power to Light Up the World

  • The last module covers the how to further cultivate and utilize the skills you have learned to continue to meet your goals.

Women's Wellness Tribe

Support is so important to sustainable weight loss and mental health. We all do better when we uplift each other, so join our Facebook Group and be a part of the Women’s Wellness Tribe Community!

We take you step-by-step through our proprietary F.A.T Framework to teach you that losing weight for good and loving your body forever starts by owning your Feelings, Actions and Transformations.

FEELINGS: (Feel Well)

Own and understand how your thoughts and mindset, your feelings, affect how you take care of yourself. Naturally, you’ll move onto Actions.

ACTIONS: (Eat Well)

Owning your feelings will help you recognize the behaviors they trigger. You’ll begin to nourish yourself better and finally see transformation.


Owning your transformation is difficult, I understand that; I’ve lived it. Acknowledge the physical changes you have earned!


Weightloss Secrets

Jump start your transformation by learning to utilize the 3 step “Weightloss Secrets Framework”. This training freebie is designed to impart the knowledge of what you’re really putting on your plate. You’ll also be able to train yourself to stop using food as a treatment for emotional pain and to refrain from eating when you are not hungry.


3 Day Sugar Detox Guide

Sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine and you may not even realize that you’re ingesting a lot of it. Sugar is in a lot more foods and drinks than you think. You may have a high sugar diet without even realizing it and this could be the culprit behind your health and weight issues. Why not try a sugar detox to improve your health? Let this guide be the start of your eating transformation journey. There are sample menu plans that are easily adaptable and interchangeable to suit your needs. All results, no pressure!

You may remember my voice from…

You can live out true transformation: health, weight, and happiness. Stay connected!

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