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  • Instead of repeating unhealthy relationship patterns. You healed.


  • Instead of fixing everyone’s problems. You created boundaries.


  • Instead of feeling emotionally exhausted. You thrived.

Dr. Radisha Brown

After enduring a toxic relationship, the breakup and divorce left me feeling like I wasn’t enough. I spent many nights crying myself to sleep on the couch until one day I found the courage to prioritize myself and start healing. From barely surviving to thriving, I was transformed mentally, spiritually, and physically and opened myself up to a new life and new reality.

Today, as a breakup and divorce recovery therapist, I bring clarity to relationship issues and unresolved trauma. My work is guided by the simple idea that when we connect the dots between past experiences and present pain, we can position ourselves for a powerful future. Combining my knowledge of mental health as well as my love of faith and insights into culture, I help women heal from bad relationships and embrace self-confidence so they can create the life they want on their own terms…and thrive.

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Whew Chile...

The pain from a breakup or divorce doesn’t always dissipate with time. If it’s not addressed, it will continue to recreate itself in new or existing patterns of behavior – making you feel stuck.

That’s where I come in.

As a breakup and divorce recovery coach, I help you breakup in wholeness and integrity and break free from the unhealthy cycles holding you back.

With the right tools, you can move forward as an empowered woman who can thrive in new relationships, new career opportunities, new school or business ventures, and a new life on your own terms.

Here are the four ways I am qualified to help you.


I lived the unhappy, stressed life of prioritizing everyone above myself.


I lost a significant amount of weight, quickly and I’ve kept it off.


I am an expert in reworking what’s behind your relationship with yourself and others..


Its true! We may not have met yet, but I am who God made me, a person gifted to help others.

1:1 Confidential Coaching

You have experienced heartbreak, disappointment and shame and it feels like you have no one around that understands your pain. Sis, I got you covered.  Get confidential coaching to help you heal from heartbreak to position you to love again. You deserve to have a place to unpack the emotional baggage keeping you emotionally stuck. Let’s start your healing journey today!

Girl Get off the Couch Podcast

Girl, Get off the Couch podcast is a safe place for women to take your wig, bra, and your shoes off, as we laugh, cry and HEAL!!! NO Topic is off limits!!  “You Heal, I  Heal, WE ALL HEAL!!!” If you’re a woman looking for an extra dose of inspiration on the go, Join Dr. Radisha Brown’s as she has vulnerable conversations.

Dr. Radisha Brown | Licensed Divorce & Break Up Recovery Therapist

Read my book

Girl, Get Off the Couch!

Girl, Get Off the Couch is the account of my personal journey to rebuild my self -confidence and physical health by focusing on my mental wellness. This self-help book is for women who are ready to unpack the emotional baggage they carry from childhood trauma in order to heal. Start here to get to the root of your unhealthy patterns so you can create success on your own terms!

Breakup Healing

Read my new book

Girl, Let Him Go!

Girl, Let Him Go: How to heal after a painful breakup to love again is the last breakup book you will ever need. This self-help book will help guide you through the steps of finally letting go so that you can you to start your healing journey.

Join the Girl Get Off the Couch Community

Join the Girl Get off the Couch Podcast Community where you can express your feelings in a safe environment, receive hope and encouragement, and be understood by other women going through the same struggles.

Relax, let your hair down, and talk about how you are really feeling.

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