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Do you want to move on completely and move forward?

You can heal from a breakup. You can move on and work toward getting the love you deserve!

You just said goodbye to someone whom you thought was your one true love. It’s heart-wrenching. It’s inconsolable devastation, like the pain doesn’t stop. It’s as if it’s the most excruciating thing you have ever felt in your life. You feel everything all at once and it all seems to make you miserable each passing day.

Or you are still reeling from a past break up and you are not sure if you are over it and not certain if the pain is still there. You may be alive but you do not know if you are fully living or are just going through the motions, trying to recover from a past pain.

You have so many questions in your mind: The what-ifs, the what could have beens, the how could he’s.

As you go through the hurt of the breakupyou may find yourself seeking answers to these big questions …

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1. Where did I go wrong?

This is usually the question after he breaks the news to you. You are left at a loss. You search for the why's. You question yourself if there's something wrong with you. If there was something you did and that you're willing to rectify whatever that was, just so you can have another crack at the relationship.

Answer: You were not wrong. You are not at fault

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2. Am I not enough?

The feeling of inadequacy begins to creep in. You suddenly are prone to thinking you lack the characteristics that make a good partner. You blame yourself for not being good enough. You will tell yourself that if you were only enough, you wouldn't be left behind by your partner.

Answer: You are enough.

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3. Will I be sad and lonely forever?

Breaking up with someone shouldn't have to be a doom and gloom scenario. Sure, the process may allow you to be sad for some time, but you shouldn't ever be too hard on yourself and seal your destiny with a negative forecast for your future happiness.

Answer: No. There is hope for lasting joy

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4. Am I worth loving?

Shush. This should never be asked by any human being at any time, in the entire span of their life on earth. Nobody is not worth loving. Just because you went through a breakup doesn't mean it negates your potential to be loved. A breakup does not equate with being unworthy of love.

Answer: Of course. Everybody is worth loving.

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5. When will the pain end?

Going through a breakup may seem like an endless cycle of pain. Like there is no chance of feeling good again. It's all just like neverending pangs of pain.

Answer: Do not ever worry. There is hope. You will feel better. The pain will end

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6. Did he say goodbye to the memories?

You may ask: How about the times we shared together? Did he throw it all away? We made promises to each other. Promises of forever. That was all for nothing? Why did he betray me?

Answer: Nothing happened just for nothing. Everything happens for a reason.

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7. Will I ever find someone who is meant for me?

You may feel like you will never again meet someone who can fill his shoes. That he was the best guy who ever loved you and he was the only one meant for you.

Answer: There is much hope in finding the one that is truly meant for you. You just need to prepare your heart.

You may be going through pain but I have good newsfor you. You can genuinely heal from this breakup!

Contrary to what you feel in the midst of all the pain, bouncing back from a broken heart and
healing from a breakup is not just possible, but inevitable.

That special one who once held your heart as most precious just smashed it to smithereens.
Do you think the excruciating pain won’t go away? Let me tell you honestly: IT WILL.

Do you think you can’t be able to find the one who is truly meant for you, who will take care of
your heart for keep, and will not leave you again? YOU CAN.

Imagine if you had someone who could guide you through the process, who understands your pain, and will guide and support you all the way until you heal.

5 Day Email Course I am Dr. Radisha. I am a licensed therapist _______

I understand you, and I will help you heal.

I wish to introduce to you my special 5-day email course called THE BREAKUP

BLESSING METHOD, which I specifically designed to help heal a broken heart after a breakup.

Through my own journeys of deep-seated pain from heartbreak, I have discovered the way to genuine healing.

My own deeply personal experiences of love and heart matters give me the strength to share with you THE SACRED PATH of rising from the pain of a broken heart, into a state of peaceful recovery and triumphant healing.

Because after the pain, comes the healing.

And through the healing, comes the peace.

And that true state of peace opens the heart for abundant love, which is a true blessing.

Let me share with you theseinitial tipsand start your healing journey with me:

1. Cut off communication with him completely.

Don't contact him. Don't call, don't text. Don't follow him on social media. It doesn't help to still cling to an ex if you need to move on. Sorry but it's time to unknow him for the time being.

2. Allow yourself to feel and to process

Go through the grief process of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Don't be afraid to feel pain. Some people may say life is too short to mope and dwell on something that does not serve you. But do not give in to the pressure. Let yourself grieve for as long as you need to, within a considerable timeline.

3. Pamper yourself.

Eat the ice cream, go to the gym, get a massage, have a spa day, do retail therapy, and get the dance classes. If it will nurture your mind, body, and spirit, by all means, do it. This is an opportune time to spoil yourself. You deserve it.

4. Stop trying to relive the shared memories

Forget everything for now. Block the memories. Do not give in to reminiscing the sweet moments. This is not the time to be sentimental about them. Start on a blank slate and just forget.

5. Forgive him. Forgive yourself.

Forgiving him at present may not be easy for now, but at the least, forgive yourself for being angry and being lonely. Forgive yourself for all the negativities that you might be feeling. You are human. You are allowed to be hurt. Forgive you. And maybe, in time, you can forgive him too.

6. Open yourself to love

This may take time but after experiencing the sadness and the pain, the best thing to do is to open your heart again to new things, to new chances, to new love. Allow yourself to open your heart again. Let love find you. Make space for that new person who might just be the one whom God intended for you.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long and dark that tunnel is. And that light is your key to genuine healing.

You are worth it.

You are meant to have the best relationship God intended you to have. He only wants what’s best for you.

You are worthy of love. You deserve all the love this world has to offer. You just have to be ready for when love finds you.

I will help you heal from your breakup

How will I help you?

We will take it to step by step.

The value-packed 5-day email course THE BREAKUP BLESSING METHOD will guide you
on your way to healing via the following phases:

Start the Journey to Healing from a Breakup

Though it may be difficult to take the first step in the journey into healing, I will guide you through that first leap of faith to recovery. And heal through the pain.

Help you Understand the Breakup Journey

To achieve healing, i thought it best to map out the Breakup Journey and I will guide you in trying to understand how to make sense of the why’s and hows of this sacred journey.

Provide you Insights on how to Move On and Move Forward

If there is one precious thing I gained from my own pain experiences, it is the wisdom on how to deal with heartbreak. Through this email course, I will gladly impart to you the Do’s and the Dont’s, the insights on how to move on, and how to navigate the path to recovery.

Make You Aware of The Healing You Need to Solve Loneliness

This course will help you determine the areas which need extra care in order to heal, so as to eradicate the feelings of sadness brought about by hurt emotions.

Guide you to Embrace Self-Love

Moving forward from the hurt, the course will teach you the ways in which to nurture and love yourself during the healing process. Self-love is most important for complete recovery and for you to come back stronger and become open for all the opportunities for new love.

Make you Learn to trust God to find a Christian husband

You are God’s child and you are worthy of all the love in this life. Through this spirit-centered course, you will learn that God is in control and I will help you open up your heart to completely entrust to Him your journey of love. For He will take care of all the love that you need and deserve.

You will learn how this breakup can lead to a soul-nurturingbreakthrough.

Upon seeing how this email course is your best pathway to healing, you may ask:

How much is the email course? Will it cost me a lot to be able to heal the pain?

Definitely not. For the value that this email course will give you, it will surely not hurt the pocketbook.

For a limited time only, this value-filled healing course that teaches and guides you throughout your breakup healing journey, THE BREAKUP BLESSING METHOD is offered at a one-time fee of only $7.

For just the price of two Caffe lattes, you will be expertly guided on the journey to recovery from a breakup.

Don’t miss out on the healing benefits of this special value-packed, spirit-centered course.

You get all the learnings and tips, practical exercises, insights, guidelines, and the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual guidance you need on your way to healing, just for only $7.

5 Day Email Course