Dr. Radisha

  • Bachelor of Sociology from Augusta State University
  • Master of Social Work (Macro systems) from University of South Carolina
  • Doctorate of Education in Business with a focus in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University​


Note from Dr. Radisha

I’m Dr. Radisha,

I’ve spent the last 12 years working as a licensed mental health therapist and weight loss coach. I come from a place of not only education, but personal understanding. I survived and fought through a lot of turmoil and the mental strain had physical manifestations that I overcome. I know the highs and lows of being overweight. I know the struggle and the pain, but I found my way through and I can help you do the same.

I survived child abandonment, built the courage to leave my broken marriage and regained my mental health and physical wellness by losing 80 pounds. I am a person who wants to help others and a decade later I am happily educating women on how to live the life of their dream.

I learned to prioritize mental and physical health and get to the point where I could help others. One of the most important steps is realizing that mental health is imperative to physical health. Real health; not “skinniness” but true overall health needs a strong foundation based on knowing and caring for yourself.

It doesn’t matter where you start – it matters how you finish. We’re on a journey to lose the weight and keep it off.


Health Therapist

Best Selling Author


Get Off The Couch

Girl, Get Off the Couch is the groundbreaking self-help book you desperately need to drop the weight and All negative thinking attacking your feelings of self-worth!

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Health Coaches

People who used health coaches lost 9% of their body fat in a 24 week period.

Improved Memory

A Swedish 2013 study showed some scored better on memory testing after a 6 month weight loss plan

Improved Energy

5-10% body weight loss can reduce inflammation, improve energy and lower healthcare costs!

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