I am passionate about therapy because I believe it can truly be life changing.

Hey Beautiful, I’m Dr. Radisha!

I fought through and healed from the trauma associated with having a mother addicted to drugs and alcohol, being married to a serial cheater and gaining 80 pounds.

Childhood trauma, people pleasing, and being overweight could have remained my story, but I found the courage to get help.

​As a patient, therapy helped me to create healthy boundaries, be confident, and prioritize my mental wellness.

As a therapist, I create a safe space, provide support and give tools to help clients overcome emotional pain & trauma. Everyday, I see the transformation that occurs when women are able to unpack their emotional baggage. Therapy works when people feel safe, supported and are given the tools to create a life they want to live. Therapy can work for you.

iThrive Therapy is a platform I created to serve those that need support through therapy or coaching services.

I have a safe space reserved just for you.

It’s a space filled with trust, support, and the tools to help you live a thriving life. All you need to do is say yes.


Get Off The Couch

Girl, Get Off the Couch is the groundbreaking self-help book you desperately need to drop the weight and All negative thinking attacking your feelings of self-worth!

  • Shatter Negative Thinking
  • Obliterate poor eating habits
  • Identifying trigger moments
  • Establish healthy weight loss goals that actually work …. And so much more!
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