I went from heartbreak, to healing to thriving.

Hi. I'm Dr. Radisha.

I have come a long way from losing my Grandma – my mother figure when I was just 10 years old to foster care and divorce from a marriage that lasted 10 years.

Even before my divorce, I endured toxic platonic and non-platonic relationships to keep people close to me. My heartbreak was the last straw and I knew that I had to get back on track to become someone I was proud of. I spent many nights crying myself to sleep on the couch until one day I found the courage to prioritize myself and start healing. I had to dig deep and I discovered that my feelings of worthlessness started a long time ago. I started working on myself and was transformed mentally, spiritually, and physically. I also opened myself up to a new life and new reality.

Today, as a certified breakup and divorce recovery therapist, I bring clarity to relationship issues and unresolved trauma. I chose this field because I have faced exactly what you are going through right now. I want to start your journey with you and stick with you every step of the way. My work is guided by the simple idea that when we connect the dots between past experiences and present pain, we can position ourselves for a powerful future. Thinking of how much time I would have saved if I had someone to guide me through my challenges motivates me to make your healing journey a success. Combining my knowledge of mental health as well as my love of faith and insights into culture, I help women heal from bad relationships and embrace self-confidence so they can create the life they want on their own terms…and thrive.

I create a safe space, provide support and give tools to help clients shift from hurting to healing.

I have a safe space reserved just for you.

It’s a space filled with trust, support, and the tools to help you live a thriving life. All you need to do is say yes.


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