Do you want to become a NEW YOU after a breakup?
Are you ready for the glow up after a breakup? Do you want to stop emotional eating?
The book Girl, Get Off the Couch is a guide to emotional, spiritual and physical transformation after a breakup.


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As a woman, going through a breakup is never easy. 

The breakup may have happened suddenly, or expected.

The aftermath can cause gut-wrenching pain is truly hard to overcome because the relationship was such a huge part of your life.

Have you resorted to a cycle of self-destructive addiction to unhealthy food, unhelpful thoughts or, negative feelings to deal with the pian?

You want to heal and move on but…

You still have unanswered doubts and questions.

Or you may be confused and not sure how to pick up the pieces after the breakup.

You may even be hanging on to these unhealthy thoughts about your ex:

  • He was my everything anchor.
  • He was my safe place.
  • He was my partner in everything that I did.
  • We were a team. He completes me.
  • He will come back to me used to do this for me.
  • This was what he promised me.
  • We used to do this together.
  • This was our favorite hangout.
  • He is probably just confused. He just might change his mind and come back to me.

Girl, it’s time to STOP these unhealthy thoughts.

They are not helping you at all. 


Girl, Get Off the Couch Book – by Dr. Radisha Brown│INTRO

As a licensed therapist, there are five words that I can share with you that will help you throughout this journey: GIRL, GET OFF THE COUCH 

You may ask questions like:

• Where do I start? 

• Will I be able to move on?

• Will I lose this weight?

• Will I ever find love again?

Well, Sis, let me tell you something:





But it all takes
work And guidance!

Healing after a breakup is an important STEP because it leads you to reveal, feel, and heal on your journey to becoming a better version of yourself.

Imagine if there was someone standing next to you, wanting you to help you heal, move on, and lose the weight.

Imagine if that person wrote a book that will guide you all the way, from the loss to victory

Imagine if that book is written by someone who has been there and done it, who knows how it feels, who has gone through a similar devastatingly painful experience, and is determined to help you rise above this situation, to help you move on and love yourself again.

Sis, that someone is me.

I am Dr. Radisha Brown, a licensed therapist and breakup expert. And I am here to help you!



I have been where you are!

  • I know that loneliness, that anger, and that heartache that steals your joy.
  • I know that searing silence that comes at night before you fall asleep, and the lengths you’d go to avoid it -- keeping the light on, the music, the tv on low.
  • I know how empty space can be so heavy and thick with memories, that it can drive you to eat unhealthy foods.
  • I know how it feels to not want to move -- from the bed, the shower, the car, the house, the floor, because everything hurts
  • I have carefully written Girl, Get Off the Couch, to help women who are dealing with heartbreak and unhealthy eating patterns, learn to forgive, let go, and find happiness within.

Start Reading,
Girl, Get Off the Couch

Read what they are saying

"There's "power in pain" and you can tell that this is a powerful woman. Dr. Brown shows that you can persevere no matter the struggles that you are going through and it starts from within. So many take away in this book and it flows beautifully. To have gone through so much it's no wonder that this book is full of solutions.."

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"I liked this book because I feel fired up and motivated to lose the weight I have gained after 3 kids, divorce and various other life traumas. I highlSTART-REMOVEEND-REMOVECall To ActionSTART-REMOVEEND-REMOVEy recommend this book to anyone that is trying to get their mind right so they can lose the weight!."

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"Great guidance on getting through the recovery process after a breakup. This will definitely help you in the healing process."

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"I enjoyed this book as much as Dr. Radisha Brown’s first book. Healing from a breakup is an important step. Do you find yourself saying all I find is losers? With this book Dr. Brown walks us through how to let him go but also creating a better you."

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"This book helps let go after a break-up. It's a must-have."

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"This book is excellent for anyone looking to get their life back after a breakup. It's practical and will help you create a better version of yourself. I would recommend this book."

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"I enjoyed this book. Tons of breakthrough points."

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The journey to healing from a breakup does not happen overnight. It is a process. And I am with you every step of the way.Grab Girl.

About Dr. Radisha Brown

Dr. Radisha Brown, known as America’s #1 Breakup Therapist provides lessons and insights from her breakup and divorce to help you lose the physical and mental weight holding you back.


She discusses how she lost 80 pounds of physical weight by prioritizing her mental wellness. She shows you the connection between emotional pain and physical weight to help you break free from the emotional baggage of failed relationships and inspire you to build the life God intended in her best-selling book- GIRL, GET OFF THE COUCH!


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