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It’s so easy to blow your money after a breakup!

✓ Shopping for clothes

✓ Going to the hairdresser

✓ Spending all your money on a girl’s night out, and

✓ Bringing on comfort foods may make you feel better in the moment, but they will not heal your heart.

The truth is that breakups can occur at any time. In fact, you probably don’t need to think long and hard about a breakup you’ve been through.
But what happens when you think about that breakup?

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It’s very natural to still be dealing with the physical, mental, and emotional affects after a breakup.

You see, sis… most women go through a breakup and never get healing because they only focus on the surface level.The outside says, “I’m OK and I’ll be fine,” while the inner is still shattered and in need of pieces to be put back together.

Instead, women frequently move on to another relationship that does not encourage actual healing but rather validates what is occurring subconsciously.

It’s time to find a place where you can learn about healing and receive the tools you need to avoid repeating destructive relationship patterns.

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✓ Have you felt confused and unworthy after a breakup?

✓ Did you turn to unhealthy ways to deal with your breakup?

✓ Do you need to heal your mind, spirit and soul but you just don’t know how?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, this breakthrough coaching program is for YOU.

Love Yourself Breakup Coaching is for women who want to…

Experience deeper states of joy, happiness and fulfilment in their romantic relationships.

Heal their heart (the hurt, anger, and pain) to finally move on with peace and confidence.

Find yourself again, the real You…by embracing self -love.

Get ready to love again and find that special someone who is perfect for you.

Gain the confidence and clarity to reinvent yourself and your life from a place of clarity, passion, and purpose.

And much, much more…Love Yourself Breakup Coaching is for women who want to…

This breakthrough program is your safe space to get the healing you deserve. 

This space has been specifically designed to help you understand and heal from pain that you’ve experienced in a breakup.

We are going to uncover subconscious patterns that have likely developed as a result of past trauma and seal off unhealthy patterns. I’ll give you the tools to replace them with ones that will give you the power to find love on your own terms.

I am committed to walking this journey with you, holding your hand, and seeing you through to the other side.

This journey will be a subscription-based style program that will focus on the goal of helping you truly heal. There will be:
Weekly 1:1 Live Coaching Sessions (50 minutes each) via zoom
FREE Access to Wellness Warrior Course
Discount on all Workshops, Retreats, and Courses
Exclusive Healing Journal
Unlimited encouragement
Additional resources in the form of PDF files
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