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The book Girl, Let Him Go, will guide you through healing after a breakup, moving on, and finding the love and happiness that you deserve!

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After having access to my 5-day-emailcourse. . .

You have started the healing journey 

You now have an understanding of the healing process

You are equipped with insights on how to move on

You have an awareness of how to solve loneliness

You now have a concept of how to embrace self-love

Your heart has been opened to trust God to find your Christian husband

You have begun the journey to healing but you feel you need help to finally let go.

You want to totally get over the breakup and move on quickly.

You ask:

What’s next? How can I move on completely and find love again? 

My book Girl, Let Him Go, will guide you on how to let go, move on, and find new love.

As a woman, going through a breakup is never easy. 

The breakup may have happened suddenly, and you may still be coming to terms with the shock.

Or the breakup may have been simmering, bound to happen for some time, and eventually did. 

The gut-wrenching pain is truly hard to overcome because the relationship was such a huge part of your life.

The thought of it ending may seem like overwhelming heartbreak, and you wonder if the pain will ever go away.

You wonder if you will ever get over the sadness, the self-doubt, the loss of trust to find happiness again.

You want to heal and move on but…

You still have unanswered questions.

Or you may be confused and not sure how to pick up the pieces after the breakup.

You may even be hanging on to these unhealthy thoughts about your ex: 

“He was my everything. “

“He was my safe place “

“He was my partner in everything that I did.”

“We were a team. He completes me.”

“He will come back to me.”

“This was what he promised me.”

“We used to do this together.”

“This was our favorite hangout.”

“He is probably just confused. He just might change his mind and come back to me.”

Girl, it’s time to STOP these unhealthy thoughts. They are not helping you at all. 

As a licensed therapist, there are two words that will help you throughout this journey: LET GO. 

You may ask: How do I let go?  

Will I be able to move on?

 Will I still be happy?

 Will I ever find love again?

Well Sis, let me tell you something:




But it all takes work. And guidance.

Healing after a breakup is a SACRED PATH leading you to reveal, feel, and heal on your journey to becoming a better version of yourself.

Imagine if there was someone standing next to you, wanting you to help you heal, move on, and let go.

Imagine if that person wrote a book that will guide you all the way,
from the breakup to welcoming new love into your life…

Imagine if that book is written by someone who has been there and done it, who knows how it feels, who has gone through a similar painful experience, and is determined to help you rise above this situation, to help you move on and find love again.

Girl Let Him Go Upsell

A Licensed Therapist And Breakup Expert

Sis, that someone is me. I am Dr. Radisha Brown, a licensed therapist and breakup expert. And I am here to help you!

I have been where you are.
I know theat loneliness, theat messiness, and theat heartache that steals your joy.

I know the thrat searing silence that comes at night before you fall asleep, and the lengths you’d go to avoid it — keeping the light on, the music, the tv on low.

I know how empty space can be so heavy and thick with memories, that it can drive a longing so crushing it takes your breath for a while.

I know how it feels to not want to move — from the bed, the shower, the car, the house, the floor, but at the same time wanting to be anywhere else but where you are.

I have carefully written Girl, Let Him Go, to help women who are dealing with heartbreak, learn to let go, move on, and find happiness within.

After my breakup and divorce, I had a constant feeling that I wasn’t enough. 

I felt depressed and devastated for a long time, until one day, I found the courage to put myself first and start healing. 

From barely surviving to thriving,
I was transformed mentally, spiritually, and physically, and opened myself up to a new life and new reality. 

After healing, God brought an amazing man into my life.

I wrote Girl, Let Him Go, with the primary goal of helping women heal from a breakup,
to rediscover their self-worth, and
to welcome new love into their life.

I want youto heal.

The book is a step-by-step process
for you to heal from the pain,
to learn how to move on,
and eventually to help you find new love
that God intended you to have. 

Girl Let Him Go Upsell

You are not alone. I want you and I to get through your breakup together.

In my book Girl, Let Him Go,

I will share with you the important insights and steps designed to help you heal and move on.

I will share my own experiences from my own painful breakup and will guide you as if I am holding your hand, as you heal from the pain.

You will learn how to move on and build a better you.

I will share steps to encourage you to TAKE CHARGE of your healing and to finally move forward and find love again.

You may ask

Great question! 

You will discover how to let go and how to prepare yourself to be open to a new love!

You will get a proven roadmap for overcoming the painful end of any romantic relationship in Girl, Let Him Go:

I will teach you how to get over him as quickly as possible. I will share advice on how you can be brave enough not just to cut off communication from him, but also gather the courage to block him from all your social media. 
The book will teach you what signs to look out for, to know when to leave a relationship that does not serve you anymore. There are non-negotiable things that will lead you to decide to pack your bags and walk away from a relationship that is negatively affecting you. I will teach you to honor yourself and honor the experience.
I will share with you the ways to shatter negative thoughts that you may have about the situation, and get rid of the harmful thoughts you have about yourself.
Even if the healing takes more time than you want, or you make mistakes on your journey, the book will serve as your guide to self-acceptance.
It is okay to feel pain. I will teach you that you must feel your feelings to heal.
The book illuminates how failure is something to be grateful for because it only brings you one step closer to success. In your moving on process, it teaches you to embrace failures and learn from them. They are usually the stepping stones to achieving your goals to healing.
I will teach you to allow yourself to grieve. To acknowledge all the fears of change.  And then take time to develop yourself, to open yourself to love.
You may have a strong support system and many people wanting to give you advice; however, you will learn that not everyone has your best interest in mind, so it is important to get the right advice. 
Self-forgiveness is key to healing. You will learn to forgive yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes along the way. You will learn how forgiveness empowers you throughout the change process.
You will learn that the only way to fail is to give up. The book will teach you to believe in yourself, find your own strength, and be courageous as you go through the healing process.
If there is one most important nugget of wisdom to be learned, it is that you are worthy of love and you should love yourself enough, and eventually find love again.
The book will reassure you that it is okay to celebrate your little successes as you go on with your healing journey.
Through this book, I will help you work toward mapping out and visualizing a plan for healing, and an openness to embrace the changes. The end goal is to find your self-worth, and build the strength to be ready to find love again. 
The book will provide you steps to recreate a new you. To gain resolve to completely heal.  To make a firm decision to commit to spiritual transformation, and be open to bringing back love into your heart.
These value-packed strategies are all included in the book, specifically designed to guide you in your step-by-step process of healing. 

And that’s not all. Girl, Let Him Go will also teach you to:

Discover the link between thoughts and feelings.

Girl Let Him Go Upsell

When you learn to let go

When you learn to let go, and you learn to move on, your heart will be open and ready to find the love you need and the love you deserve.

Are you ready to find love again?

Discover the ways to find the love that you deserve. 

Get your own copy of Girl, Let Him Go. 

Who is the book for?

The book is for any woman who:

Is struggling to get
over her ex

Wants to learn how to move on and willing to put in the work

Anyone who wishes to heal after a painful breakup

Anyone who desires to heal and open her heart to new beginnings and recreate herself

And basically, anyone who wants to learn to let go, move on, rediscover her self-worth, and find love again.

Girl Let Him Go Upsell

How much is the book?

This great value book that contains the significant steps you need to get over your ex, and guides you throughout your healing process, is offered at a special price of only $20 for a limited time only. 

You get all the benefits of learning from a book written by a licensed professional breakup expert, who is also sharing with you her deepest experiences on love and healing, just as a sincere, concerned, loyal friend would. 

For only $20, Girl, Let Him Go will guide you and nurture your heart in a healthy and spiritual way, on your journey to healing.

It will teach you to let go and move on.

Sharing with you those who have experienced the benefits of reading Girl, Let Him Go. 

The journey to healing from a breakup does not happen overnight. 

It is a process.

And I am with you every step of the way.

Let me guide you through this healing journey and we will get over him together, so you can move on, and be a better, more beautiful you.

It will all take time but never forget that sooner or later,

You will move on.
You will find happiness.
You will recreate a better and more beautiful you.

You will find new love,
because as God intended,
you deserve all the love in the world.

Let me help you to move on. We will do this together.

Girl Let Him Go Upsell