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What’s Inside

About Dr. Radisha

Imagine if there was someone standing next to you, wanting you to help you heal, move on, and let go.

Imagine if that person wrote a book that will guide you all the way, from the breakup to welcoming new love into your life…

Imagine if that book is written by someone who has been there and done it, who knows how it feels, who has gone through a similar painful experience, and is determined to help you rise above this situation, to help you move on and find love again.

Sis, that someone is me.

I am Dr. Radisha Brown,

a licensed therapist and breakup expert. And I am here to help you!

I have been where you are. I know the loneliness, the messiness, and the heartache the steals your joy.

I know the searing silence that comes at night before you fall asleep, and the lengths you’d go to avoid it — keeping the light on, the music, the tv on low.

I know how empty space can be so heavy and thick with memories, that it can drive a longing so crushing it takes your breath for a while.

I know how it feels to not want to move — from the bed, the shower, the car, the house, the floor, but at the same time wanting to be anywhere else but where you are.

This Could Be Your First Step Towards A New Beginning. . .

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