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You don’t have to heal alone.
We are here for you.

As you heal from your breakup, there is a community that is focused on supporting you,

that is genuinely here for you and will be with you through it all.

We got you, Sis

We will hold your hand as you go through the healing stages after your heartbreak.

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As you go through the healing process, are you:
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Emotionally Eating?

Are you using food to cope with feelings of confusion, anger, frustration, loneliness, boredom, and pain? You just want to feel like yourself again but don't know where to start.

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Still feeling lonely?

Do you feel like you want somebody there, but you are thinking twice about opening up to family or friends? You still have a lot to unload. Yet you don’t want to be a burden to the people close to you. Because they might not understand…

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Are you having mixed feelings of wanting to let go of your ex, yet you still think about him…about what he’s doing? You may even catch yourself thinking: “we could work this out," or maybe “he can't live without me."

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Ready to Explode?

Are you feeling that seemingly endless, gnawing pain and you want to express it to someone, anyone, every single time, just to ease the pain a bit?

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Holding a grudge?

Do you keep switching from feelings of peace to anger, and then to peace again? Need a sounding board to let it go?

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Feeling pain?

Are you experiencing physical symptoms like headaches or stomach pain since the breakup? Do you feel this breakup is worse because it has brought back memories of the emotional pain from previous betrayal or abandonment?

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Feeling depressed?

Did the breakup trigger feelings of overwhelming sadness? Do the memories of your ex come and go, giving you a feeling of emptiness?

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Do you sometimes feel that your efforts at getting over your ex are not enough? Are you attempting to find closure but constantly find yourself stuck, unable to let go of the memories you shared?

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Feeling bitter?

Are you feeling resentful about your ex? Do you still harbor bitter feelings about your breakup that you still have not forgiven him or yourself?

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How will I help you?

Do you wonder: “how long will it take to heal?”

Do you ask yourself : “when will I be ready to move on and open my heart to a new love?”

After your breakup, do you feel…

Well, girl,it’s timeto break free!

It’s time to break free from the chains of your breakup!
And guess what?

You don’t have to heal alone.

Healing happens in Community.

Imagine if there is a community that will be with you through it all …

A community that will provide you with the proven tools, techniques, and strategies to deal with your healing heart

A community that will lift you up and not bring you down

A community who is here to willingly understand your feelings as you heal…

A community that will LISTEN TO YOU and your pain…

A community who will SUPPORT YOU as you unload your feelings of confusion and anger… and everything that you need to let out,

A community that will be patient with you as you go through the overwhelming pain, day in and day out…

A community that is your SAFE SPACE, where you can express what you need to as you heal

A community that WILL NOT JUDGE YOU

A community that is HERE FOR YOU


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That community is the Women Can Thrive Membership Program

The Women Can Thrive Membership Program is a special community that was founded by me, Dr. Radisha Brown. I am a licensed mental health therapist, and I created this support community to support women like you, going through the sacred healing journey after a breakup.

I know the heartache, I know the pain.

I want to help you get through all this.

And so do many other women in this community, who have gone through the same struggle of heartbreak as we have.

We are all in this together.

In this community.

It is your safe place.

Where you can unpack the emotional baggage of your failed relationship… with the support and understanding of women that survived toxic relationships.

This Membership Program is for you if

You are a woman healing from a breakup and your desire to have a new loving, fulfilling, and healthy relationship
You are ready to take off your superhero capes
You are ready to address the stressors in your life that leave you emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausted
You are tired of fixing everything for everybody
You want to break the pattern of falling in love with the same emotionally unavailable man
You want to discover a better life, even better than what you had with your ex
You are ready to find that special love that was meant for you
You are ready to focus on what YOU want and what YOU need.
You are ready to focus on YOU
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Are you ready for TRUE HEALING together with a community?

That cares for you

and is ALWAYS willing to support you?

Being part of the Women Can Thrive Membership Program community is one of the best decisions you can make in this stage of your healing process.

This supportive community will help you to:

You don’t have to suffer in silence!

In this community, you can spill the tea, and no one will judge you!

Join the Women Can Thrive Membership Program

You don’t have to heal alone.

We hear you,

We understand you,

We are here for you.

We will get through this together.

Transform your pain into purpose with the support and understanding of an online community.

At The Women Can Thrive Membership Program,

you can speak your heart…

It is your safe refuge…

It allows you to be seen and heard…

by other women who are going through the same thing.

The Women Can Thrive Membership Program community

will provide you support, accountability, and encouragement…

and will help you be intentional on your healing journey.

Join Women Can Thrive Membership Program

The Women Can Thrive Membership Program will give you the right tools to move forward as an empowered woman.

Here are thebenefitsthat you will get:

FREE 30-minute consultation that will help you figure out where you are at in your healing journey

Motivational emails and text messages to encourage you in your journey

Monthly online group meetings with other members who are going through the same thing that you are

Access to the Women Can Thrive private Facebook group so you can receive ongoing support from other members

Guides providing you with resources that will help you take care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health

A tribe of women who lift each other through non-judgmental support

Heal the root causes of your pain.

Discover that there is hope for a better life after a breakup.

Be encouraged that you will heal and will find new love…

A love that was truly meant for you which you deserve.

Build a BETTER you.

All the feelings of abandonment, rejection, and fear…


Using my own experience of heartache and healing,

I will guide you on your healing journey.


Here is my simple 3-step approach.


Look at the root cause of your heartache symptoms.



Create closure and feel better



Get excited about your future!


Most often, you may realize breakups may be caused by events that happened in our past such as:

emotional or physical abandonment,
or unavailability from others.

In the Women Can Thrive Membership Program community, you can work on resolving the impact that past events have had on you, how they have made you feel about yourself,
and how they have made you relate to others.

Together, we can actively work to reclaim yourself-confidenceand “create a life you love”

Establishing boundaries and not compromising your peace for someone else’s happiness.

Breaking free of unhealthy patterns of behavior and seeing healing reflected in all of your relationships

Accepting what happened, learning from the experience, and moving forward with confidence.

Invest in your healing.

Whew Chile, maybe you’ve been spending money on shopping to help you heal from your breakup?

Shopping for clothes,

trips to the hair salon,

blowing all your money on a girl’s night out, and binging on comfort foods…

These might make you feel better in the moment – but it won’t heal your heart.

Invest in yourself.


How much does joining the membership program cost?

The Women Can Thrive Membership is only $97 a month.

For only $97 a month,

You get the guidance of a professional licensed therapist, who will provide you with tools and strategies for healing… and a caring community that supports you and understands you.

For the same price as buying a sweater, you are taking care of your heart and focusing on your continuous healing

To achieve a better you…

And find a new, better, more fulfilling love.

For only $97 a month, you will have a whole tribe of people rooting for you, cheering you on so you can move forward beautifully.

It only takes $97 for you to be part of this Healing Space.

And that’s not all!

You also get ALL of these bonuses with your Women Can Thrive Membership:

⭐ Monthly group coaching with Dr. Radisha (valued at $350) The recording will upload to your private portal
⭐ An online community for accountability and support (membership valued at $150 per month)
⭐ FREE Access to Wellness Warrior Course (valued at $47)
⭐ Discount on all Workshops, Retreats, and Courses
⭐ Self Care Journal (valued at $50)
⭐ 24 Hours Weekly Access via FB Group
⭐ Monthly Training Sessions with Guest Experts (Valued at $100)

For only $97 a month, you get the full value-packed support of a healing community, tools, and guidance provided by a licensed therapist, plus you get all the extra benefits to guide you on your way to complete healing.

A package worth $697 a month, which you can get for only $97 a month.

Join other women who have found strength in their vulnerability!

You too can find strength!

You too can heal toward a new beginning!

Join now.


on your


and consistent healing.

Join a community whose only focus is to heal WITH YOU.

Focus on YOU.

Focus on your HEALING.

Achieve a new purpose.

Achieve the best new life…

And the love that you deserve.

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