Girl, Get Off the Couch Audio Book


Do you ask yourself:

  • How can I lose weight fast?
  • Why do I crave sugar?
  • How can I lose weight for good?
  • How can I re-write my relationship with food?
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Girl, Get Off the Couch Audio Book is a self-help book you need if you want to overcome the mental hang-ups hindering your weight loss goals.

What’s Inside?

Dr. Radisha, a Licensed Therapist felt overwhelmed and stressed out by life. She was married to a serial cheater and coped with the problems in the relationship by eating unhealthy foods. This behavior continued resulting in an 80+ pound weight gain.  She did not recognize herself and she felt like she was barely surviving. In this candid book, she shares discusses her journey from obesity to a healthy size 6 and transformed her life from barely surviving to thriving.

Are you ready to start your healing journey? Read Girl, Get Off the Couch, and find inspiration.

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