Every major life transformation begins

with making a choice to change…

Are you tired of not being satisfied with who you see in the mirror?

Do you find yourself using the dinner plate to cope with stress?

Have you tried every diet in the book with little to no results?

Are you looking for support that goes beyond the weight loss?

It’s time to address the pain and trauma that you have been carrying around. It’s time to listen to your mind and distinguish between emotion-led decisions. It’s time to listen to your body and hear what it really needs in order for you to reach optimal health and wellness.

Get ready to break free from the cycle

that is keeping you stuck!


Having control of your mindset.
A life free from the baggage of emotional trauma.
Understanding what your body wants and needs.
Feeling sexy, worthy, and confident.
Discovering the steps to break free from physical and mental weight.
Having an incredible circle of support and encouragement.
Linking arms with other like-minded women on this same journey.

Join Dr. Radisha and her circle of ordinary women creating extraordinary lives!

Are you ready to turn

your dream into reality?

BecomingHer is a community of women who support and inspire one another in leading their best lives through the power of shedding mental and physical weight.

Dr. Radisha knows and believes that the vital link to living your most authentic, faith-filled life lies within having the safety and fellowship of other women just like you.

She also believe it is important to have the perfect balance of inspiration and right strategies to experience true transformation you can see and feel.

That is where the BecomingHer membership program comes in.

By joining Dr. Radisha’s monthly program, you will have exactly what you need to become your best self. You will have a number of perks all just a click away.

Being a member allows you to access BecomingHer’s full variety of benefits and exclusive programs. The tools and materials are designed to help you navigate every aspect of your life – from relationships to career, from fears to first steps, from setbacks to success. This circle of women are here for you.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, to drop the mental and physical weight, to release yourself of emotional baggage, and walk in your God-given destiny… Then it’s time to become a BecomingHer member. It’s time to say


Yes, Dr. Radisha, I want to join BecomingHer as an official member and begin my powerful transformation journey.

Please bill my credit card for my digital membership of $39.99 per month (or $397 for a one-time annual fee). I understand that I may cancel at any time.

Your monthly BecomingHer perks include:

♥ Direct access to guest expert speakers in the mental, physical, and emotional counseling fields.

♥ Personalized monthly trainings geared towards helping you shift from mindless to mindful weight loss.

♥ Group gatherings that encourage and inspire you along your transformation journey.

♥ Complimentary resource guide and journal.

♥ Exclusive access to a private Facebook group.

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