Therapy for Black Women Summit

Everyone experiences temporary periods of sadness, and times of worry and nervousness. But what about when those feelings won’t go away? Too often, black women try to muscle their way through depression and anxiety on their own.

Have you ever asked yourself:

Am I depressed?
Have my symptoms made me promiscuous?
Why do I pick the same guy?
What is my purpose in life?

Black women face a number of public and private traumas — from racism to domestic violence. Black women are often viewed as the caretakers of Black communities.

We take pride in our strength to withstand the stress of everyday life coupled with racism and other forms of oppression.

However, pushing through the pain and stress is literally killing us from the inside out.

Therapy for Black Women Summit

This summit will help you learn about the role of mental wellness in finding everyday peace.

You’ll have direct access to trusted, culturally-competent therapists treating issues that face Black women.

These powerhouses know our feelings and can help navigate being a POWERFUL black woman. It is this foundation of trust that makes a significant difference.

Are you ready to find a therapist to help you overcome trauma, pain and weight gain??

Learn from a leading black therapist that specializes in:

Emotional eating
Racial trauma

And much more…

Therapy for Black Women Summit

This breakthrough summit will help you:

Recognize mental and emotional health problems.

Understand how trauma impacts overall health and how to neutralize it to live fully.

How to improve your quality of life and relationships.

Develop strategies to neutralize ongoing stressors and live intentionally.

Navigate a mental health care system that is unequal.

Provide you access to culturally competent providers.

Giveaways Every Hour of the Summit. (Must be present to win!)

Therapy for Black Women Summit

Whether you suffer yourself, have a loved one who needs help, or are a mental health professional working with the Black community, this summit is an essential and much-needed resource.

Successful therapy depends on a great client-therapist fit. Learn more about mental wellness and find your therapist with this never-before-seen Therapy for Black Women Virtual Summit!

Dr. Radisha is dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls. If you need some extra support or just want an opportunity to connect with other sisters, join us in The BecomingHer Membership Program dedicated to helping ordinary women create extraordinary lives through faith, food and mental wellness.

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