Ready to Lose the Mental Weight Keeping You Overweight?

You deserve to be happy…

Hi Friend!

I am Dr. Radisha Brown, licensed Mental Health Therapist and Wellness Coach. I believe that faith, food and mental wellness create the foundation to finding purpose and happiness.

I approach issues with humor, positivity, and warmth. I am known as the “Mental Weightologist” and my mission is to help busy women lose the mental weight that’s keeping them overweight and unhappy.

I survived child abandonment, built the courage to leave a broken marriage and regained my mental health and physical wellness by losing 80 pounds.

I wrote about my story in the best-selling book, Girl, Get Off the Couch where I share my journey from obesity to a healthy size 6 by focusing on my mental wellness.

And I would like to help you do the same.

Are you ready to overcome trauma, pain, and weight gain? Use my life motto, and the title of my best-selling book, to GET OFF the couch and take your life back!

Let me teach you how to rewrite your relationship with food and with yourself. With new knowledge, you can be in control of your body AND your happiness – long term. Yes, new friend, this is it!

Here are the four ways I am qualified to help you.


I lived the unhappy, stressed life of prioritizing everyone above myself.

* I LOST 80 LBS!

I lost a significant amount of weight quickly, and I’ve kept it off.


I am an expert in reworking what’s behind your relationship with yourself and food.


Its true! We may not have met yet, but I am who God made me, a person gifted to help others.

You deserve to be happy!

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