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Do you want to become A NEW You after your breakup?

The Wellness Warrior Boot Camp is your roadmap to emotional, physical and spiritual transformation.

It will be your trusted guide to loving and taking care of yourself, being the best version of yourself you can be, and living the life that you want.

You are just one click away to creating a WHOLE NEW YOU.

Have you been turning to food to manage the pain of your breakup?

Has food become your coping mechanism to “heal” the indescribable pain of losing someone you love?

So what has become your food choice lately? French fries? Ice cream? Sweets? Chips? Pizza?

Have you resorted to a cycle of self-destructive addictions to unhealthy food, unhelpful thoughts, negative feelings to deal with stress?

Are you falling into these unhealthy patterns:

I am so overwhelmed right now, I need to watch tv and grab that bag of chips because it will make me feel better.

I am struggling with my emotions but finishing this whole quart of ice cream will ease the pain.

I am unhappy, I am burdened with I need chocolate. There's nothing that chocolate cake can't heal.

I have been feeling down, I need a sugar high to perk me I need something sweet! The cookies will make me happy!

Things are getting too much to bear, liquor is the solution to numb the The more I drink, the more numb I'd get.

I need a cure for my depression, I will eat all the pepperoni pizza that I It is the cure-all!

I don't care if I am putting on weight because eating is the only way I can deal with this sadness. You don't know how I feel so leave me alone.

I am so I am going to binge on fast food. The greasier the better.

I am tired and exhausted from the struggles of Only food can ease my exhaustion.

I am feeling very frustrated with my life. My dreams are shattered. Food is my only refuge. When I eat my favorite carbs, it fills my tummy, and it fills my It heals my frustration from my broken dreams. It makes me happy.

Be honest with me Sis, did eating the curly fries make you feel good? Did eating candy relieve your pain? Did the junk food and the carbs heal your hurt??

Temporarily, maybe, but using food to cope with emotional pain will negatively impact your
health. I know you feel that food is the easy fix, the quickest solution… to a pain that doesn’t seem to go away. It does not have to stay like this.

You do not have to go into a downward spiral in coping with the pain of a breakup, or any kind of
stress you are dealing with. What if I tell you that you can deal with stress without resorting to eating unhealthy food? What if I tell you that it’s not your fault that you think of sugary food as a go-to every time you feel lonely, sad or depressed?

What if I tell you that there are healthier alternatives to junk food and you can binge on them. You just have to learn the right foods to eat! What if I tell you that you CAN overcome all the struggles, all the frustration, and emerge as a BRAND NEW PERSON from all this?

Would you want someone to help to:

Do you ask yourself: “When will I be ready to move on
and open my heart to a new love?”

Discover how to finally break these self-destructive thought patterns?

Get rid of the nasty habit of using food as a coping mechanism?

Learn how to surround yourself with the right people to grow as a person?

Switch to a new way of thinking about food and moving toward a healthy habit of eating?

Transform your life and learn to love yourself enough to emerge as a new and better you?

Well, Sis, you found the right person to help you!
I am Dr. Radisha Brown, a licensed mental health therapist, and I am excited to let you know that I created The Wellness Warrior Boot Camp–a video course designed to help you get rid of emotional eating and learn to manage stress in a healthier way and guide you to work toward your happy place!

Wellness Warrior

Why Me?

Not only am I a licensed professional therapist whose mission in life is to help people navigate
through their mental health struggles, I have also been a patient… and have suffered a lot of pain from my own experiences… 

When my 10-year marriage ended in divorce, I was hopeless, helpless, and depressed. I hated myself and my life. I was deep into my depression, but nobody understood me. Sure, I looked fine on the outside, but deep inside, my sadness had been eating away at me. 

I would cry every night on my couch, eating and crying, and then eating again. I struggled with my relationship with food as I dealt with my breakup depression. I gained 80 lbs and was in total despair. I tried all kinds of diets to shed off the pounds but none of them worked. 

Sis, I did not understand that food was not the issue. It was my thought process! I discovered the connection between stress and emotional eating. Going through this great deal of pain, and my journey of dealing with this devastating breakup, has put me in a special position right now to be your teacher, to guide you to transform… and to be the best you.

I was able to change my life and become the best version of myself and so can you!

This Boot Camp is especially designed to guide you on how to cope with the stress of a breakup and any other painful struggles that you face, to help you cultivate a new you.
I will educate you about emotional eating… And guide you on how to take care of your body and mental health… Teach you to forgive yourself… to embrace a powerful future.

The Wellness Warrior Boot Camp will guide and help you to:

Understand that it is not your fault that you were wired to turn to sugary food when dealing with life struggles.

Discover tools on how to change the mindset on your reliance on food as a way to cope with stress.

Learn how to commit to yourself. You have been there for everyone else, now it's time to treat yourself special.

Supercharge your thought process so you can get to your happy place and learn to love yourself fully.

Cultivate a new you. By showing you how to feel and love differently, you will gain insight into how to bring out the best you.

Learn and understand how important it is to develop a healthy relationship with food. You shouldn't allow food to cause havoc in your life. You should learn how to eat well because it is the foundation for an inspired life.

Learn the food addiction cycle, retrain your brain and learn which foods work for you and what works against you, and learn to fight food temptations once and for all.

Understand why despite so many attempts at diets, you keep gaining weight. You will learn that food is not the issue. It is the thought process that needs work.

Discover the hidden connection between food, toxic people, and behavior.

Learn the tools on how to say NO. To negativity, to people who bring you down

Challenge what is normal.

Visualize a greater vision for yourself, set realistic goals, let go of trauma, and love yourself, to empower and inspire yourself to become the best person that you can be.

Reclaim the power within you by acknowledging what happened in the past and forgiving yourself

Shine and use your power to light up the world.

Constantly push yourself and challenge yourself to continue to be a new and better you.

I am your biggest cheerleader and I want to see you win. You deserve to be happy and to have the best life possible. And it all starts with you, your thoughts, and how you feel about yourself.
My purpose in life is to help you grow and transform… because even if it has not happened yet, it surely will. We are in this together. I will help you.


It doesn't end here though.

Along with the Wellness Warrior Bootcamp Course, you will get access to this PREMIUM BONUS

A 15-minute FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with Dr. Radisha Brown

Plus! There's more. You get all these other bonus materials:

The I AM AFFIRMATION Meditation Guide (Audio)

Eating well made easy (Pdf)

7 Reasons to Give Up Sugar (Pdf Guide)

12 easy superfood smoothie recipe guide (Pdf Guide

60 quick and easy whole food recipes (Pdf guide)

Set Yourself Free: Boundaries Workbook (Pdf guide)

And that’s not all. You also get this special gift: A Self Care Journal that will help you witness everything that happens each day. You can use this to write down your daily thoughts. Before anything else, let’s talk about how much the Wellness Warrior Boot Camp video course costs.

If you add up the real value of all the lessons, the tools, and all the benefits of the Wellness Warrior Boot Camp, it will look something like this:

Wellness Warrior Bootcamp ($1500)

Bonus 1 The I AM AFFIRMATION Meditation Guide (Audio) ($20)

Bonus #2 Eating well made easy (Pdf) ($20)

Bonus #3 7 Reasons to Give Up Sugar (Pdf Guide) ($20)

Bonus #4 12 easy superfood smoothie recipe guide (Pdf Guide) ($40)

Bonus #5 60 quick and easy whole food recipes (Pdf guide) ($100)

Self Care Journal ($100)

Your total investment will be $1,800. To be quite honest, $1,800 is a small price to pay when you acquire all the lessons of

Breaking the food addiction cycle

Changing your mindset

Retraining your mind to learn to appreciate yourself and work toward a new beginning

The good news is… I have already invested in learning how to cope with all of that pain and stress,
and how eating healthy can help a whole lot. I have already invested time, resources, emotions, and tears in learning what has to be learned. So if I was offered $1,800 to be able to learn what I know now,
I would grab it without hesitation. 

But I don’t want you to spend that much. So I have priced the Wellness Warrior Bootcamp in a way that you will get all the enlightening learning at a cost that will be very affordable. Getting a full therapy session will cost you $250. Four sessions of therapy will cost you $1,000.

The Wellness Warrior Boot Camp will take six hours to learn. You don’t have to spend $1,800… Not $1,500
You get access to ALL THE LESSONS of the Wellness Warrior Boot Camp All the tools, the tips, the advice…
plus all the bonus supplementary content that will help you cultivate a NEW YOUAt only $197

This supportive community will help you to:

I know you are probably stressed and burdened… Feeling pain…. Using food to deal with the stress and frustration And you may be struggling with addiction to unhealthy food that you were using to fill up the emptiness in your soul… I am here to help you! This is why I made it my mission to help you and created this value-packed Wellness Warrior Boot Camp for you to rise from all that is holding you back And to reclaim your life. And to love yourself. And build a better YOU. Now it’s time to make a decision. 

Do you want to discover every strategy, all foundational points, all the best advice and tips on how to heal your pains, straighten out your relationship with food, and gain advice on how to live a happy and healthy life?

You have the best option to get access to the Wellness Warrior Boot Camp. Make a minimal investment to get all the benefits and knowledge to get started. Picture yourself a few months from now. Do you see yourself? Will you be proud of yourself? Would you be in the same predicament as you see yourself right now? Or would you be a changed person who loves herself and has started a new beginning? Will you finally be a changed person who loves herself enough? 

Who makes the effort to make healthy food choices… And surrounds herself with people who will lift her… And is brave enough to cultivate a new and better version of herself? 

Do you see yourself as a true Wellness living your best life after a few monts?

This is all possible. It will take work, you will have to put in the work,
you might even get angry at me because I will break you away from your past habits but I am
used to that. I don’t care, as long as I know that I have helped you. You will be able to embrace all the changes and transformations, and move on into a happy and healthy life.
It happened to ME! I know it can happen to you…

And your first step is to Get Access to The Wellness Warrior Boot Camp.

This special value offer of $197 will be valid for a limited time only.

You are one click away from opening doors to a whole new and love-filled you.

I am with you every step of the way.

Cheers to your best health and happiness,
Dr. Radisha Brown

Wellness Warrior

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